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Merchant shot dead by road near Bindissi, Central Darfur

A Central Darfur merchant was shot dead by alleged pro-government militias on the way to visit his family in Gayemoona on Tuesday evening, according to his relative.

Perpetrators looted the belongings of the victim Abdullah Hassan and fled on his motorbike, Radio Dabanga has learned.

The assault reportedly took place in Gertika, located one kilometer west of Bindissi in Central Darfur.

Radio Dabanga file photo

Article source: http://www.radiodabanga.org/node/44272

ICC sets date for trial of Darfur rebels accused of killing peacekeepers

The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced on Wednesday that the trial of two former Darfur rebels accused of killing UNAMID peacekeepers in 2007 is set to start on 5 May 2014.

Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain and Saleh Mohammed Jerbo Jamus are suspected of leading an attack “directed against the compound of the African Union Mission in Sudan at Haskanita on the evening of 29 September 2007” in which 12 peacekeepers were reportedly killed.

The assault involved approximately 1.000 rebel attackers, consisting of two allied forces, one allegedly led by Nourain and Bahar Idriss Abu Garda, and the other under the command of Jamus. Abu Garda, Sudan’s current health minister, has already appeared before the ICC and judges cleared him of charges saying that there was not enough evidence to proceed in his case, Radio Dabanga reported in 2011.

Nourain and Jamus, who appeared voluntarily in response to a court summons in June 2011, are not currently in custody of the Court and sources suggest they are in North Darfur.

They are suspected by the ICC of committing three war crimes: violence to life and attempted violence to life; intentionally directing attacks against personnel, installations, material, units and vehicles involved in a peacekeeping mission; and, pillaging, the Court says.

“The Chamber found substantial grounds to believe that the attack was directed to personnel, installations, material, units and vehicles involved in a peacekeeping mission in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations which were entitled to the protection afforded to civilians and civilian objects”, the ICC was quoted in a statement.

According to a 2011 reporting by Radio Dabanga, Abdallah Banda, born in 1963 in Tina, was then a field commander of the Justice and Equality Movement faction known as ‘Collective Leadership’, which was part of the larger United Resistance Front led by Abu Garda.

Jerbo was born in 1977 in Shagag Karo area in Kutum in North Darfur. At the time of the alleged attack he was the chief-of-staff of the breakaway ‘Unity’ faction of the Sudan Liberation Army.

ICC photo file: Defense lawyer Karim Khan (left), Abdallah Banda (center) and Saleh Jerbo (right)

Related: ICC rejects request in Banda and Jerbo case (29 October 2012)

Article source: http://www.radiodabanga.org/node/44261

UN welcomes reconciliation progress between N. Darfur tribes

The United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan welcomed the signs of progress following reconciliation meetings between the Arab Abbala and Beni Hussein tribes brokered by state authorities last week in Saraf Omra, North Darfur.

“While we are ready to continue providing assistance to people affected by the recent conflict, the priority must be to prevent further fighting and to promote reconciliation between the two tribes”, Mr. Ali Al Zatari was quoted in a press statement on 6 March.

He confirmed earlier claims by the commissioner of Al-Sareif Beni Hussein locality to Radio Dabanga that roads have been reopened for the first time since 21 February, “enabling food, commerce and urgently needed supplies to reach the area”.

Most of the vital roads in the war-affected region had been closed since clashes between the tribes over control of a gold mine of Jebel ‘Amer broke out on 5 January. This prevented thousands of displaced from receiving aid for weeks.

Over 100.000 people fled their homes only in connection with the first wave of tribal fighting, the UN said, claiming this was the largest forced displacement in Darfur in years.

The second wave of tribal clashes erupted on 21 February and witnesses from West, Central and South Darfur told Radio Dabanga they saw large groups of border guards and Abbala militants heading towards Al-Sareif Beni Hussein city.

UN agencies, protected by UNAMID armed escorts, claim to have delivered “over 700 metric tons of assistance to people displaced” to Al-Sareif, Garrat Az Zawia, Saraf Omra, Kabkabiya and other locations in North Darfur, the statement reads.

In addition, “UNAMID is currently in the process of establishing a temporary operating base in [Al-Sareif city] to assist local authorities in ensuring the protection of civilians and delivery of humanitarian assistance with ease and speed”.

A Sudanese lawmaker announced recently that 510 people were killed, 865 people were wounded, 15 women were raped, 68 villages were completely burnt down and 120 others were set ablaze since the beginning of the hostilities.

On Tuesday, two leaders of the Abbala tribe called for the end of hostilities and blamed the Sudanese government for the clashes, claiming Khartoum wants to have control of the mine for its own gains.

Photo: Displaced by tribal clashes in North Darfur (Sojoud El Garrai, UNAMID)

Related: Abbala tribe leaders call to end N. Darfur clashes (6 March 2013)

Article source: http://www.radiodabanga.org/node/44265

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