Sudan: Bombing east of Jebel Marra kills 3 women, 2 children

EAST JEBEL (18 Feb .) – Government warplanes killed three women and two children in central Darfur yesterday and Wednesday, according to an official in a rebel movement present in the area. A large number of cattle also perished in the air strikes in the area of East Jebel.

Mohamed Ahmed Yagub, Secretary of Humanitarian Affairs of the Liberation and Justice Movement, told Radio Dabanga that Antonov planes and helicopter gunships bombarded areas of East Jebel including the villages of Tokumarre, Masalit, Hashaba, Wadi Mora and Dali.

The attacks killed three women, two children and a large number of livestock and camels, he said. The bombs also destroyed water sources and caused people in these villages to flee. He added that bombardment is still going on west of Shangil Tobayi and near Shaddad Camp.

Two people were also injured in an air strike at dawn yesterday on a village southwest of Tabit, by two planes belonging to the Sudanese Air Force. The air strikes Thursday morning burnt three buildings in the village of Krokuli and and part of the village mosque. A witnesses told Radio Dabanga that of the two men injured in the bombing, one was seriously wounded in the abdomen. He was taken yesterday afternoon for medical treatment at Zamzam Camp, but the medical clinics there were closed due to two-day government blockade of the camp.

Another witness said three shells were dropped from a plane yesterday evening on the village of Hashaba but they did not explode. The witness said that the civilians in the village of Krokuli left after the bombing. Some of them arrived at Zamzam Camp while others went to other areas.

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