General voluntary assistance. Help us in variuos fields.

Help us raise funds for BnaiDarfur ongoing activities. Your small contribution will make a big difference!

Bnai Darfur Individual Volunteering Options

Short-term (three weeks to two months) Volunteer Program:


-Develop advocacy campaign (letter-writing, petition, or letter to the editor campaign)


-Restructure website

-Assist with office management (collecting membership fees, assisting with member registration, etc.)

-Apply for grants


-Assist with children’s after-school programs

-Assist with community computer classes


Long-Term (Four Months to One Year) Volunteer Program:


-Plan film showing

-Plan benefit concert

-Strengthen the partnership between the ICC and the Darfuri community

-Organizing lecture tours

-Refugee Story Series at Synagogues


-Network with philanthropists

– Develop partnership with intergovernmental organizations, particularly the African Union, to receive resources and political support

-Organize fundraising events

-Organize Community Center Open House

-Manage website

-Administrative record keeping


– Find university scholarships for Darfuris

– Search for donations for shelter and community center

-Assist community members with employment issues (search for job opportunities online, contact potential employers, distribute accurate information about asylum seeker labor law to employers)

-Manage women’s education classes

-Manage children’s after-school programs

-Manage psychological/cultural orientation program

-Mange basic English course for new arrivals11