Women Education Program

We are happy to announce the opening of our women education program.

The decision to focus on women education this year came when we noticed the education courses we and others are offering were attended mostly by man. In our discussion with the community we learned that the women who work very hard have to stay with the children after work and can’t attend the classes. Therefore we have decided to target the women as a group who lacks education service at the moment.

The diffrent courses of the program will occur at hours that are convenient for the women and we will arrange, along with the familes , specific solutions of babysitting to the children while the mothers are at class.

Moran with Nofar

Our volunteer Moran is taking care of Nofar while her mother visits the opening day of th eprogram.

We will offer courses in English, Hebrew and two courses in computer skills.

The courses in English and Hebrew will help the women communicate in their daily life in Israel. Currently the women are facing a difficulity to deal in any meeting with a Doctor, employer, neighbor etc. In particular studying Hebrew is important. Many of the women have children in the Israeli education system and learning Hebrew will assist them understanding what their child is studying. In addition, studying the spoken language in Israel will help the women to get to know the Israeli culture. We also hope that by improving their language skills women will be able to study in other fields according to their interest.

The women will be offered two courses in computers which will open our new computer center. We believe that acquiring computer skills can assist the women finding future jobs and the possibility to further their studies in other fields as well as in keeping in touch with their families outside of Israel. In addition most the women’s children get along quite well with computers and computer skills can help the relation of the nothers with their children.

The first course we will offer in computer skills would be in computer user skills. The course will include a lesson or two for each basic use of a computer from internet and mail to managing files and writing documents in office word.

The second course will be computer creative course. This course would also concentrate on basic uses of the computer but will try to give a deeper undresrding of how the computer works, as well as how to solve specific problems. Towards the second half of this course we will also try to give the women a taste of technician skills like writing their own program and understading basic concepts in computer science.

The teachers of each course would be experienced israeli teachers that volunteer with us along with community members who will teach with them. We strongly believe in the coorperation between the community members and our israeli volunteers.

The English class will be taught by our community member Igbal, who did a course in English teaching, and our volunteer Gabriella, who speaks English fluently. The class will take place every thursday on 7pm at Fur center for at least 14 weeks starting on the 10th of January 2013. To learn more about the class click here.

The Hebrew class will be taught by Tiferet Bassel, an experienced Hebrew teacher, who is our volunteer. The class will take place every Wednesday on 7pm at Borgo center for at least 14 weeks starting on the 9th of January 2013. To learn more about the class click here.

Hebrew teacher with student

Tiferet, our Hebrew teacher with a student at the opening day of the program.

The computer user class will be taught by our volunteer Tamar sharf who has more than 15 years of experience in teaching computer skill. Tamar would be assisted by our community member and program coordinator Somaya. The class will take place every Tuesday on 6pm at Fur center for at least 14 weeks starting on the 15th of January 2013. To learn more about the class click here.

The computer creative class will be taught by our volunteer Igor Tsinovoi, a computer engineer with ten years of experience. Along with Igor will work our community members Adam Tor and Moussa who already studied computer skills. The class will take place every Tuesday on 8pm at Fur center for at least 14 weeks starting on the 15th of January 2013. To learn more about the class click here.

The open day for the program took place on the 28th of December 2012 at Fur center where about 25 women attended. Each women got to speak with the teachers and register to the courses she wish. Together we duscussed the importance of women education. To see photos from this event go below.

We are grateful to our volunteers for this oppurtunity especially to our community members Somaya, Hanan and Gianne who coordinate the program and works with the women as well as to Adam our director. We are mostly touched by the help of our teachers.

We still need help to make the program work in terms of volunteers to help babysit the women’s children and in terms of funds which will help us mostly in buying equipment to our computer center.

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