Lakes: Yirol East County commissioner says insecurity is under control

By Manyang Mayom

April 26, 2011 (RUMBEK) – The commissioner of Yirol East County of Lakes state Bullen Bol Achinbai said that the insecurity between his county and Yirol West County has been resolved.

Cattle raiding between the populations of the two counties has caused tension between the communities since a 2005 peace deal ended South Sudan’s two-decade conflict with Khartoum.

Insecurity is one of the major challenges facing the region as it approaches independence in July following a referendum in favour of secession, which was agreed as part of the 2005 deal.

The county commissioner development and security have been his first priorities since he was a became commissioner in August 2010 replacing Athian Majak Malou.

Bol said that development was improving in county and reconciliation initiatives had been established with Yirol West to bring peace to the region before South Sudan’s independence on July 9.

Commissioner Bol said that now security had been achieved he would be able to focus more on unity and development.


Yirol East County of Lakes state was established in 2005 as a result of Comprehensive Peace Agreement that allowed states in the new government of South Sudan to be establish their own counties.

The county has no communication network, poor access to water, and lacks health facilities to serve the public need. There are no non-governmental organizations (NGO) operating in the county according to the commissioner.

Commissioner Bol said he would support any organization or business who want to establish themselves in Yirol East especialy in the fields of education, health and communication.

“Now we are making development. Phase one is [to build a] county guest house and county headquarters,’” Bol said.

Young People

The aspirations of young people in Yirol East County are a “mess” according to Bol due to lack of jobs despite Lakes state’s governor promising opportunities during last year’s general election.

According to Bol, he said that youth unemployment was one of the biggest challenges for his administration since he took office on August 15, 2010. He explained that “over 99 percent of Yirol East County youth need job but I have no vacancies to employee them.”

However Bol said he had no funds or help from the United Nations or NGOs to improve the economy and create job opportunities.

The situation was “terrible” he said adding that the budget had not changed since 2006 and only covers payment of county administrative staff.


Article source:,38702


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