Bor Youth React to South Sudan cabinet

Rejection to the decision made by the so-called greater Bor youth Association calling the appointed minister and Deputy ministers to resign

August 30, 2011

In response to what was reported by the self-claimed Chairperson of greater Bor Youth Association (Mr Juma Arok Maketh ) that the presidential appointment of the cabinet Ministers has not met the expectation of the Dinka Bor community , demanding a prompt resignation of the minister of Parliamentary affairs Hon Micheal Makuei Lueth and the three Assistant ministers, Hon Dr Majak Agot Atem, Atem Yaak Atem and Ms Roda David Alaak, from Bor community.

Thus, based on our meeting held in Bor today evening at 5:00pm, we the Youth of Bor County are hereby unanimously and strongly dismissing the statement made by the Youth that claimed the association which is not in existence, (Greater Bor Youth Association).

Greater Bor Youth Association has never been formed ever since, and anyone who claims its existence to dispute what the president has done in our name is unacceptable.

We therefore, call upon the president of the republic of south Sudan, the entire people of south Sudan and the people of Bor community in particular to disregard the claim as baseless statement and deserved no support of the Youth of Bor County. In fact, the formation of the cabinet is fairly represented as all the regions, states and ethnicities in south Sudan have been recognized.
However, we are not part and parcel of the declaration/ stand put forth by the individuals who have got their own motive of divisions and political destruction.

Dear readers, we vehemently express our heartfelt gratitude to the appointment of the first cabinet of South Sudan by the President of the Republic of South Sudan as fair and just government in which greater Bor is well represented with one ministerial post and three deputies. And our optimism is still high on the pending appointment of the heads of commissions, ambassadors, advisors and many others. In general we BCYA respect the overview of the structure of the whole system of the New Republic of South Sudan.

Resolutions made by the youth of Bor County yesterday evening that was chaired by Interim Chairperson Mr Simon Thon Ayuen.

Long live the high profile president of Republic of south Sudan HE: Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit

Long live the unity of people of south Sudan

Long live the people of Bor

Bor County Youth Association (BCYA) can be reached at:

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