Unity State governor forms new cabinet

By Bonifacio Taban Kuich

April 27, 2012 (BENTIU) – Unity State’s Governor Taban Deng Gai announced his new cabinet, county commissioners and advisers on Wednesday, urging them to work hard to manage the financial crisis that resulted from South Sudan’s decision to shut down oil production in January.

South Sudan halted exporting its oil through Sudan as the two could not agree on the fee Juba should pay Khartoum for the use of its infrastructure.

The shut down has severely affected the country’s budget, as oil revenues accounted for 98% of the government’s budget. As well as severe development issues, Unity State also suffers from insecurity on its border with Sudan and from rebel groups operating in the area.

The new cabinet comes after a series of constitutional changes as South Sudan adapted to its independence.

South Sudan passed an interim constitution into law in December 2011. Unity State’s Legislative Assembly passed its own interim constitution in February 2012.

Governor Deng then retook his oath of office along with the rest of the state assembly in March this year in the August house in Bentiu town. The governor urged his cabinet to promote peace among the people of South Sudan particularly the people of Unity State.

On Wednesday, Deng encouraged his new advisors, ministers and commissioners to deliver better services to all communities in the oil-rich state. State ministers are selected from elected MPs in the state parliament, while commissioners are appointed by the governor, who is elected.

Deng called on the new cabinet to get ready to defend South Sudan from the Sudanese military (SAF), which have clashed with the South Sudan’s army (SPLA) along the disputed border in recent weeks.

Bombs on Monday killed two boys in Unity State, the UN reported. The SPLA occupied the disputed area of Heglig for 10 days earlier this month causing international condemnation.

They withdrew on 20 April but suffered huge losses, Sudan says. Juba denies this and has accused SAF of carrying out cross border raids and bombing campaigns.

The governor told Sudan Tribune on Friday that SAF and its aligned militias launched another attack on SPLA position at Panakuach. He said that the SPLA repulsed the attack and captured four prisoners of war yesterday.

Joseph Bol Chan speaker of Council of States from the national government of South Sudan said he appreciated the support Unity State authorities have given the SPLA during the recent clashes and their aligned forces.

Juba accuses SAF of supporting South Sudanese rebels to destabilise the young nation, describing them as militias. Khartoum denies this and in turn accuses the SPLA of backing Sudanese rebel groups in Blue Nile, Darfur and South Kordofan.

Chan called on the state cabinet to prepare for the austerity measures needed to adjust to the lack of oil revenue.

The speaker encouraged the council of state ministers and commissioners, after taking oath on Friday, to work together in order for the modernisation of world’s newest nation.

Cabinet members

  • Lt. Gen. Taban Deng Gai Governor
  • Brig. Michael Chiangjiek Geay Deputy Governor, Minister of Local Government
  • Brig. Samuel Lony Geng Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Mr. Thomas Jal Thomas Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry
  • Col. Simon Jalduong Matuek Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Urban Development
  • Mr. Them Machar Kuol Minister of Education, Science and Technology
  • Mr. Nyaliep John Dak Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
  • Mr. William Mac Juac Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport
  • Mr. Stephen Pei Bileu Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Dr. Changkel Banak Riek Minister of Health
  • Dr. Mariem Mut Toroah Minster of Animal Resources and Fisheries
  • Mr. Joseph Arop Malual Minster of Labor and Public Service
  • Mr. Abraham Dak Tural Thac Minister of Information and Communication
  • Mrs. Innocent Lazarus Latjor Minister of Gender and Child Welfare
  • Mrs. Rebecca Kur Nyikai Minster of Social Development
  • Mr. Mayan g Tiach Badeng Commissioner of Headquarters


  • Mrs. Debora Kur Manyiel Advisor for Health and Social Services
  • Mr. John Yak Jany Advisor for Political Affairs
  • Mr. John Gatluak Doar Advisor for peace and Borders Relationship
  • Mr. Michael Mayar Mading Advisor for Economic Affairs
  • Mr. Mr. Mayiew Dak Gong Advisor for Security
  • Mr. Wal Yang Weal Advisor for Physical Infrastructures and Public Utilities

Counties Commissioners

  • Col. Mabek Lang De Belikuey Commissioner of Parieng County
  • Col. James Pui Yak Yiel Commissioner of Guit County
  • Mr. Stephen Taker Riak Commissioner of Leer County
  • Col. Wlliam Gatjang Gieng Commissioner of Rubkona County
  • Brig. Peter Gai Jok Commissioner of Panyijiar County
  • Maj. John Chuol Wang Commissioner of Koch County
  • Cap. Gideon Gatpan Thoar Commissioner of Mayiendit County
  • Col. Martin Machot Deng Commissioner of Mayom County
  • Mr. Ajang Gedi Yor Commissioner of Abiemnom County


Article source: http://www.sudantribune.com/Unity-State-governor-forms-new,42419


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