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Help us raise funds for BnaiDarfur ongoing activities. Your small contribution will make a big difference!

Founded in 2007, by refugees from the Dardonatefur region, Bnai Darfur has been working on improving the living conditions of Darfurian refugees in Israel through provision of social, health, educational and cultural programming and services. Bnai Darfur is a non-profit humanitarian organization.

It is the goal of Bnai Darfur to integrate refugees in the Israeli society and to empower them by supporting their skills.

  • To ensure that the basic needs of every refugee are met including housing, employment, medical care and education.
  • To ensure that refugees are educated about their rights and have access to those who can help realize them.
  • To advance and empower women and youth, by encouraging education and increasing accessibility to educational and employment opportunities.
  • To build a strong sense of community among refugees and a network for mutual aid.
  • To reunite refugees with lost and displaced relatives.

Your help is needed in order to Rehabilitate Darfurian refugees from genocide, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes

  • Child care training course
  • Physiological session
  • Adult education
  • Kids education
  • Reconciliation and peace building