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Two days Greater Equatoria conference ends in Yambio

February 25, 2011 (YAMBIO) – A two-day meeting held in Yambio ended on Friday between the leadership of Eastern, Western and Central Equatoria.

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Left, centre to right: E. Eq governor Louis Lobong (ST)

The meeting culminated with a massive rally in which the three governors gave details of their meeting. They agreed to hold a bigger Equatoria congress meeting in Juba in the last week of March 2011.

An estimated one thousand Western Equatoria citizens gathered at Yambio’s Freedom Square to witness to hear the three leaders of the Equatoria region.

Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro governor of W. Equatoria, Clement Wani Kona governor of C. Equatoria and Louis Lobong Lajore governor of E. Equatoria states and the cabinets met in Yambio on the 23 – 25 Feb to discuss the issues pertaining to security, development and good governance and the future of Equatoria region in the New Republic of South Sudan.

Addressing the communities of Western Equatoria state after the meeting, the governor of E. Equatoria Lobong said “the people of Eastern Equatoria State will stand with whatever outcome of the conference to be held in Juba in the interest of Greater Equatoria.”

He appreciated the hospitality rendered by the people of Western Equatoria during their two-day stay in Yambio.

The governor of E. Equatoria reminded the public being together with WES Governor Bakosoro in seminary, the they were made Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) County Secretaries in the same year, they too became commissioners together and today are governors as well.

Lobong revealed that “Eastern Equatoria is advocating and lobbying for the celebration of Independent of South Sudan.”

The governor added that “it is not enough to gain independence but [we] must plan and work hard for the development of the new nation.”

He urged the community and political leaders of Western Equatoria state to reconcile all the people of the state.

“You the people of Western Equatoria have elected God fearing leaders during April’s 2010 General elections” added Lobong He revealed that “the three Governors of Equatoria will share the resources of their states together as one people.”

The governor of C. Equatoria, Clement Wani Konga, said, “this is the beginning of fighting the marginalization of Equatorian.”

Wani stressed that “Equatorians have started a new chapter and I am optimistic that Equatoria region will participate fully in the new nation.”

“We have come again together following the division of 1983 and 1993 of Equatorian into three states which resulted into cattle raiding and dispute amongst Equatorian, Border conflicts which was not there before the signing of CPA” noted Wani.

The governor emphasized on the revitalization of agriculture sector in Equatoria region that will stop the import of food from neighboring countries.

Meanwhile the governor of W. Equatoria state Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro appreciated the president of the Government of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit for “allowing the three states leaders to meet in Yambio to discuss the problems of the interest of Equatoria and South Sudan in general.”

Bakosoro hailed the meeting saying “this is the beginning of unity of the people of Equatoria region which will enhance the common benefits in the new Republic of South Sudan.”

“There are repeated histories in Equatoria region, time has come for us to think together as people of one region as shown in the referendum period which resulted to overwhelming votes of 99% for the independence of South Sudan” lamented Bakosoro.

The governor also noted that “protection of positions will not support Equatoria hence as leaders we need to make our people prosper and feel the services meant for them and spur development of the region.”

He pointed out that the demarcations of state borders are just “for administrative purposes: which he said “should not divide Equatorians.”

Bakosoro disclosed that Western Equatoria state is proudly hosting all the various communities from the two states of Central and Eastern Equatoria as civil servants in the government citing that “this is as sign of unity.”

In a related development the representative of Yambio County Youth, Emmanuel Mabu affirmed that “the current steps taken by the leaders Equatoria is sign of political maturity in southern Sudan.”

He stated that this should not end here, but should apply to all the regions of South Sudan.

The two day meeting discussed the future of Equatoria region in the development and stability of the New Republic of South Sudan.


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