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31000 new arrivals at Zamzam Camp following Darfur bombing

A witness in Zamzam described the conditions of the thousands of newly displaced people as “very bad”. He said there is no process to record their arrival or provide them with any food or tents for shelter.

Cases of diarrhea have emerged among children of the new arrivals, the witness at Zamzam told Radio Dabanga.

One of the leaders of Zamzam Camp appealed to international organizations and the United Nations to immediately intervene and provide humanitarian and medical aid to the tens of thousands of newly displaced people in the camp. In remarks broadcast today on Radio Dabanga, the leader described the situation of the new arrivals as grave.

Last Saturday, UN-African Union peacekeeping mission said there was a “recrudescence” (worsening) of violence in the areas where these 31.000 people have fled from. The UNAMID chief issued a statement saying he was “particularly disturbed about reports of the most recent recrudescence of violence between Government of the Sudan soldiers and a combined group of elements from several rebel movements, in the region of Shangil Tobaya, 66 kilometers south west of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur.”

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Darfuri pilgrims stranded in Medina

Moreover, the management of the hotel where they were staying yesterday asked the pilgrims to evacuate the hotel after the expiration of the contract period. The pilgrims live in difficult circumstances and most of them have to cope with only one meal a day.

Last Saturday, the pilgrims began gathering as planned at the Medina Airport to travel directly to Nyala. According to the Deputy Chief of the Sudanese Hajj Mission to Medina, Abdulaziz Mohammed, the company Sun Air failed to get permission to land at Medina Airport, and he blamed the company for what happened.

The company’s representative told the newspaper Bells of Freedom the company managed to get permission from Saudi authorities yesterday for three trips and it has hired a jumbo jet nine capable of carrying 540 passengers.

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