Luka Monoja

South Sudan minister: Health is priority in Unity state

By Bonifacio Taban Kuich

February 23, 2011 (BENTIU) – South Sudan’s minister of health visited Unity state, for the first time since his appointment last year, to assess what kinds of services are being delivered by the local state health ministries across South Sudan.

Luka Monoja’s visit to Unity state is to show that health is a top priority for the government of South Sudan.

He added that health promotion is very important. He especially highlighted the health issues related to pregnancy and the incidents of deaths during pregnancy.

“All our women and our young ladies who are going to form their families our duty is grantee them to give them a better healthy life”, Monoja’s said.

Monoja said, his visit to Unity state is to witness what kinds of services are delivered at Bentiu hospital and what is missing.

The minister told Sudan Tribune on Wednesday: “We need a commitment for ourselves that 2011 we achieves this, 2012 we achieve this and 2013 we achieve this because health is for all, but is also everybody business, health is not the work of doctors alone, health is not the work for minister alone, health is for all of us”.

Monoja said Unity state is well known for its oil production, from which the government of South Sudan generates most of its income. He said that the people deserve more services. He added Unity state is the mother board of all ten South Sudan states for it richness of oil production.

The minister urged health workers to cooperate with the state ministry of health to deliver good services to all citizens in the state.


Article source:,38087

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