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South Sudanese in USA show opposition to Machar’s removal

August 9, 2013 – We, the undersigned South Sudanese who live in the United States, are against the decision that has been made by President Salva Kiir Mayardit to remove Dr. Riek Machar Teny and the members of the government of South Sudan. We are opposed to the decision because the decision does not reflect the public’s opinion and it does not suit the public’s best interests. The former Vice-president has been very instrumental in developing government programs, peace-making and cementing unity among the people of South Sudan. In our opinion, we know the decision will not help the country or suit anyone’s interests except those of Salva Kiir Mayardit himself because it is clear that he does not want a democratic government to be established in South Sudan. It is evident now that Salva Kiir Mayardit wants to prevent the 2015 Election from taking place because the former Vice-President advised him not to run for a third term.

It is to be recalled that the former Vice-President, Dr. Riek Machar, had enumerated challenges of corruption, tribalism, economy, insecurity, poor international relations and loss of vision and direction in the government and the ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and therefore advised for a vigorous internal transformation and reform in the party and government. He also expressed his desire to contest for the party chairmanship in the national convention this year in order to make positive internal changes as head of the party and to contest for 2015 presidential elections in order to tackle the challenges. This democratic and constitutional right expressed by the former Vice-president and deputy chairman of the SPLM angered the president, Salva Kiir, who currently chairs the party.

In order to prevent his possible defeat in the 2015 election, President Salva Kiir has decided to remove Dr. Riek Machar Teny and members of the South Sudanese government so that he can run South Sudan in a dictatorship form of government without any meaningful party transformation and internal self-criticisms or opposition. He has on 25th July curtailed the freedoms of the party secretary general, Mr. Pagan Amum Okiech, banning him from movement outside the capital and speaking to any media, accusing him of insubordination and incitement when the latter advised him not to act in dictatorial manner. This is a clear violation of Article 9 (2) and (3), 12, 24, and 27 of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011, and the party does not have provisions that strip members of their freedoms of movement and expression.

As South Sudanese citizens who live in the United States and have family back home, we are highly concerned about the lives of our relatives that are still residing in the homeland. We are going to alert the United States and the world at large about the dictatorship that has been declared by Salva Kiir Mayardit and encourage them to help the innocent civilians of South Sudan. Help the innocent people who lost millions of their family members during the decades of liberation struggle in order to free themselves from tyranny and domination by Khartoum. They don’t deserve to meet another homegrown tyranny in their young nation. There is need to help this young country shape its future in a peaceful democratic manner by nipping the dictatorship in bud.

We are aware that the removal of the Vice-President and the members of the South Sudan government will not be normal under any circumstances because it is a decision that is in place to intimidate the former Vice-President and the other removed members of the government as well as those who are not allies to the decision made by Salva Kiir Mayardit. It is evident that Salva Kiir Mayardit is following in the footsteps of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who also did not want elections to take place in their respective countries.

We ask the United States of America, United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) to take action against Salva Kiir Mayardit as US former president George W. Bush and others did to help South Sudan obtained its independence from Sudan and the previous dictatorship of Omar al-Bashir. Salva Kiir Mayardit has already proven that he does not have the country’s best interests in mind due to the actions he has displayed; such as using the resources of South Sudan for his own services and buying the people’s support through very corrupt means. He has exerted the money and resources that should have been used for the development of the country to maintain the support of his allies and citizens of the country, which is the highest form of corruption. The misuse of funds and resources is primarily the reason that the country has essentially dried out and not been successful in the development of roads, hospitals, and schools. In turn Salva Kiir Mayardit has made South Sudan, the richest country in terms of oil; resemble a country without any resources.

President Salva Kiir also recruited the civilians of the country to intimidate members of the government who are not loyal to him, then deceived the government by stating that they were rebels such as in the events of the Mayom County Declaration where citizens were recruited to scare the previous elected Governor of the Unity State Taban Deng Gai, whom he unconstitutionally removed by a presidential decree. Salva Kiir Mayardit has misled the government and the people of South Sudan to believe that he was using the constitution in his removal of the Vice-President and the members of the government, which was and is not the case. If he was using the constitution, the election should have taken place in 60 days in Lakes State after the removal of the Governor Chuol Tong Mayay in accordance with the constitution.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has proven to be a ruler that only has his own needs at heart, which is not what the nation of South Sudan needs. He has proven throughout his Presidency that he is incompetent of ruling the country and making decisions to better South Sudan. The recent decision taken by Salva Kiir to remove the Vice-President and other members of the government of South Sudan has only increased public disapproval of the dictatorship he has established in South Sudan and has caused the citizens of the country to worry about the future of our land. Salva Kiir should immediately reverse his actions concerning the removal of Dr. Riek Machar Teny and members of the government before irreparable damages to the country occur. When South Sudan first obtained its independence, we all rejoiced at our newfound freedom and the promises that Salva Kiir Mayardit made. However, now it appears we have returned to a dictatorship form of government that needs to be stopped before it is too late. We want to bring to your attention that the dissolution of the entire government of South Sudan was not justified. It was done on dictatorship manner that may cause chaos and instability of the young nation. One of the most serious issues is the human rights violation; the human rights in South Sudan are a contentious issue, owing at least in part to the country’s violent history. The killing of political commentator and analyst Isaiah Ding Abraham Chan Wuol sparked the criticism against the government of South Sudan. We, the South Sudanese in the United States ask the US government, United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) to advise the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit stop driving the youngest nation toward dictatorship.

The world should not allow dictatorship to take root in the two-year old nation, which is 193rd country in the UN family. We strongly recommend to and ask the US, UN , EU and AU to clearly and strongly advise President Salva Kiir Mayardit to reinstate his able Vice-president, Riek Machar Teny, and allow for the democratic process of transforming the ruling party, SPLM, by convening its overdue national convention this year. This is in order to elect a new leadership after five years since 2008 that will now contest for the upcoming 2015 national elections in accordance with the party’s constitution.

We long for the prosperity of South Sudan governed by the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution. We also long for the unity of the diverse people of South Sudan and this is clearly indicated by the composition of the undersigned representatives from all the various communities and tribes in South Sudan.

Signed by:
1. Joseph Bol Kueth
2 Aguil Kuac Dut
3 Badeng Jock Choul
4. Peter Awok Deu
5. Biar Chol Mayom
6. Choul Dhan Char
7. Deng Banong Chol
8. Dut De Garang
9. Dut Maker Awan
10. Gatwech Bidit Noriar
11. Matiop Alier
12. Peter Ume
13. Mijak Mijak Abui
14. Aler Riang Miaker
15. Riang Maker Wach
16. Abuot Tor Abuot
17. Peter Achai Kual
18. David Kueth Maluoth
19. Komach Deng Dey
20. Peter Adup Mou
21. Achol Ayom
22. Pal Gatkuoth Reath
23. Acholly Arow
24. Simon Hoth Chut
25. Thomas Chigach Kier
26. Changkuoth Gatkuoth
27. Peter Wal Rambang
28. Mr. Tharjiath Kun Luoth
29. Adim Malek Puot
30. Simon Tongyiek Nguth
31. Chan Mark Lual
32. Wal Makuach Tiap
33. Peter Banak Yiech
34. Stephen Khor Chambang
35. William Deng Dhiach
36. Gatluak Riek Mayian
37. Agol Marac
38. Agot Agot
39. Aguek Tiep
40. Aguer Michar Kon
41. Kueth Gatluak Kang
42. Agustino Lako
43. Aja Nyankir John
44. Wiyual Mut Tip
45. Galuak Maker Galuak
46. Bol Ajak
47. Deng Bol
48. Akuol Kuol
49. Gok Bol Agok
50. Yai Yei Wani
51. Dak Kuel Chol
52. Aker Geng
53. Lual Koang Gach
54. Akoach Akuach Mavial
55. James Ruach Kulang
56. Akok Maketh Choul
57. Par Gach Ruach
58. ABol Bab Akier
59. Pajok Kong
60. Akot joe kiir
61. Peter Jieng Buol
62. kom Makuok Makuok
63. Akoul Jang Akot
64. Moses Abudhock
65. kuender Ezekiel Kong
66. Komchar Chol Kier
67. Kek Douth boumach
68. Kier Ruach Makuach
69. Aleer Deng Aleer
70. Chambang Gaw Mut
71. Joseph Alfred
72. Tut Biet Char
73. John Top Tut
74. Aler Deng Akoung
75. Tong Akel kel
76. James Ruon Tongyik
77. John Mun Kueth
78. Peter Gatbel Gatkuoth
79. Pal Yich Longor
80. Gabriel Gatwech Bol
81. John Bol Rik
82. Mayuak Makuach Jut
83. Chol Chot Yiel
84. Yen Reath Lok
85. Madis Chol
86. Andrew Wiyual Lul
87. Lee Jacinto Lee
88. Gong Deng Akol
89. Kuel Choul kur 90. Maker Majok Bol
91. Angelo Maker Gatjak
92. Pal Gatkouth Deng
93. Salva Angelos Agok
94. Hoth Gatwach
95. Anip Chol Nhial
A96. Chuol Gatriay Yat
97. Anthony Anei Majok
98. panden Nihal Geew
99. Antony Aken Aken
100. Nihal Thout Ruach
101. Peter Achiek Kur
102. James Biel Deng
103. Okaj Onang Boula
104. Gatluak Chol
105. Peter Akot Akot
106. Chol Chol Ariik
107. Mawien Mawien
108. Ngout Kkot Reng
109. Deng Gaudensio Wol
110. Lual Ezekiel Kodi
111. Bol Lual Kuch
112. Mading Madol Mading
113. Chol Lual Chol
114. David Biel Yout -
115. Wichdoul Beny Bol
116. Ater Milla Achiel
117. Anyoun Atem Anyuon
118. James Diing Duoth
119. Dau Bol Deng
120. Chol Deng Deng
121. George Ater Majok
122. Kuol Athieng Riakbai
123. Juuk Athoi Diar
124. Makuey Dut Luol
125. Deng Atong Kout
126. Kuc Atong Kuch
127. Nhial Augustino Mel
128. Garang Augustino Mayai
129. Chagac Awach Wal
130. Paul Awan Ater
131. Diem Awel Kuch
132. Yaak Awer Lual
133. Malual Ayak Ajak
134. Dok Ayak Deng
135. Gatdet Puok Leon
136. Tong Dhieu Gai
137. Wiyual Sodit Gai
138. Mathok Mayot
139. Magok Leek Deng
140. Bol Makech
141. Majok Panchot
142. Chol Nyok Miabil
143. Mayom Ayel
144. Tot Lul Guandong
145. Ladu Angelo Zimama
146. Hussien Muor
147. Joseph Brad Deng
148. Dey Tut Gallas
149. Bayak Dech Guandong
150. Yak Gatluak Tut
151. William Asadic Atem
152. Buony Koch Lual
153. James Giwa
154. Nyandeng Achuil Chol
155. Deng Deng
156. Majok Mabior
157. Wichluol Dup
158. Bidit B. Luak
159. Biem Akol
160. Lam Thonchar Mai
161. Bol Abuoi Arok
162. Garang Atem
163. Bith Kiir Yut
164. Dhol Lumana
165. Matuur James Edimond
166. Riz Nyipuoc
167. Moses George
168. Dau Kuol
169. Bol Dut
170. Kiir Diaw
171. Majith Anguik
172. Malek Garang
173. Bol Maweihn
174. Bol Riek
175. Bol Bilkuei
176. Gatlei Wal
177. Gatwech Bona
178. Thonchar Bigyari
179. Both Dak
180. Joseph Kony
181. Buay Wiyual
182. Buey Tot
183. Garang Mabil
184. Buoh Keat
A185. Lokolo Obede
186. Johnson Patricio
187. Tut Gatluak
188. Bile Adeng
189. Chakoun Buk
190. Chan Bol
191. Dhan Mijak
192. Gai G. Ruach
193. Duol Kuach Lom
194. Mawich Anteros
195. Chol Tiop
196. Mabior Deng
197. Makur Chuot
198. Arop Chier
199. Chol Aben
200. Abraham Jok
201. Agoot Anei
202. Majok Ajak
203. Chol Ring
204. Aweer Simon
205. Isaac Achuil
206. Ater Ayul
207. Miakuei Dut
208. Majok Atem
209. Both Tutliet
210. Benjamin Tut
211. Akuchwel Waal
212. Mijak Garang
213. Chuker Nger
214. Chuol Both
215. Chuol Lam
216. Meer Wal
217. Chuol Douth
218. Stephen Majiok
219. Maen Majok
220. Mouw Majuuk
221. Clement Garang
222. Buom Kujock
223. Daniel Chol
224. Dudi Wuor
225. Dut Dor Biar
226. Dang Gatluak Wichluol
227. Daniel Kuol Bur
228. Lew Ernesto
229. Dut Lee
230. Leek Gey
231. Duothl Makoi
232. Mawut Makuei
233. Zing Agustine
234. Dengyom Mayom
235. Dut Mayen
236. Biar Gak
237. Bilal Malow
238. Bol Deng
239. Farajalla John
240. Gatluak Yang
241. Gatwech Tut
242. Joram Majok
243. Kuel Gasim
244. Majok Thomas
245. Mawut Maluth
246. David Kur
247. Nyaring Riang
248. Palath Moyol
249. David Wuor
250. Amin Dada
251. Wuol Deng
252. Angeth Ahoc
253. Dech Manytap Machar
254. Abiel Mabior
255. Deng Kang
256. Duol Agew
257. Awell Deng
258. Matuur Lueth
259. Gathok Ayiei
260. Wiyual Chol
261. Chol Luong
262. Mai. Lueth
263. Bool Isaac
264. Tang Jal
265. Luka Athor
266. Kuol Atem
267. Mador Dengdit
268. Makuach Deng
269. Ngueny Deng
270. Ruach Deng Chol
271. Wal Kuc Biar
272. Wuor Gai Deng
273. Athoi Galuak
n274. Dual Eliaba
275. Ezekiel Koch
276. Deng Majok leek
277. Dok Minyang
278. Yang Dau
279. Dwer Alan
280. Diar Dut
281.Gatwech Both Jaak
282. Matar Ayom
283. Yual Kur
284. Dobuol Mat
285. Dolou Deng
286. Dut Miathiang
287. Jueny Yaak
288. Tadiwe Isaac
289. Malual James
290.Kuech Achiek
291. Duel Maur
292. Mawyen Gatjier
293. Charles Bakheit
294. Mathok Luol
295. Lejukole Koor
296. Garang Mathok
297. James Solomon
298. Koryom Dut Kuc
299. LADU Obede Kenyi
300. Sam Lak Ayen
301. Arop Malek Arok
302. Tharjiath Tut Wech
303. Duer Tut Meer
304. James Awell Bor
305. Bul Biel Rut
306. Duop Wuol
307. Lee wal Chol
308. Manyang Yel
309. leek W. Deng
310. Dung Majok Tut
311. Majaak Said
312. Amaar Majok
313. Waal Andalla
314. Benjamin Duoth
315. Gatwech Akana Both
316. Labok Mawich
317. Kongor Madut
318. Kafuk Kur Atem
319. Ayueil Biar Garang
320. Kanzaran Kuol Deng
321. Anyieth Wal Bol
322. Buoi Majak Mabior
323. Elizabeth Mayom Andrea
324. Carlo Clement Bol
325. John Simon Kueth
326. Kuch James Deng
327. Emmanuel Jaal Chol
328. Riziq Zendi Clement
329. Mabior Majiok Abei
330. Malath Lual Bol
331. Giwa Patath Yum
332. Obura Kenyi Lokebe
333. Mokobe Wal Machar
334. Martin Bashier Anei
335. Buk Gak Lual
336. Changkuoth Lual Jal
337. Jeremiah Kueth Shuer
338. Thuar Jikamoi Majok
339. Mayiik Mayom Minyiel
340. Monyjiek Majak Bior
341. Nyawello Chan Mingdeng
342. Francis Buk Chan
343. Wado Mobutu Micheal
344. Wol Deng Majok
345. Obang Kenyi Obeyok
346. Gabriel Lueth Makuei
347. Bol Deng Makuack
348. Deng Majok Kuc
349. Kelei Dut Mathok
350. Gatlony Ruach Chol
351. Geng Dit Biel
352. Lueth Deng Mai
353. Mojang Luak Kuel
354. Monytiok Daar Machar
355. Thokuj Dech Malual
356. Ukuno Okut Akol
357. Gach Bol Thong
358. Gai Magier Ngor
359. Yaf Low Akhorn
360. Gai Yak Both
361. Galuak Tut Jiech
362. Gambella Tutlam
363. Dojiok Malow
364. Biliu Gong
365. Abel Kwach
366. Garang Malith
367. Malong Awan
368. Kuol Gai Kuol
369. Bel Deng Gatluak
370. Kat-kier Mading Machar
371. kat Washtour Tungwar
372. Kang kuach Choul
373. Mayen Aleer Mayen
374. Makuor Grang Grang
375. James Myeen Aleew
376. Matwech Beil Ruach
377. Billy John Makgoor
378. koul Koul Majouk
379. Deng Kiir Lual
380. Makuac Chuor Deng
381. Odoo wani Ladu
382. Madut Mading Giir
383. kino Suobuni Kouni
384. Daoud Malow masout
385. Makeer Biar Ateam
386. Wiyual . Nguech Bol
387. Choul Kak Bandak
388. Samuel Abujohn Omout
389. Chay Gatwach Grang
390. Simon Gatbiel Choul Deng
391. Miading Machar Makour
392. Peter Gour Ajang
393. Makeel Leeth Ngour
394. Koni Bouni Koni
395. Aperet Taban Agreey
396. Tut Choul Deng
397. Marko Dut Mut
398. Chol Malow Aleer
399. Achoul Akot Deng
400. Madhol Ajang Grang
401. Keel Keel Matour
402. Ladu Dougo Dougo
403. Maleak Dut Machar
404. Nyamlee John Okach
405. Pan Cheer Magoor
406. Sudan John Aleer
407. Gier Akot Grang
408. Ladu James
409. Gatdet Gatluak Biel
410. Achuil Lual Lual–
411. David Chan Ring
412. Alic Deng akuol
413. Bier Grang Alow
414. Bakuba John Ladu
415. Dak Gatluak Pathot
416. James Lual Atak – Canada
417. Diew Gatwech Makuach
418. James Duoth Chuol
419. Gaijang Bona Ajith
420. Kuany Khan Dhol
421. Tut Kuer Garang
422. Ladou Juut Luke
423. Lokudu John Danya
424. Lomoe Weiner Simeon
425. Mawan Malok Lueth
426. Mabor Kuol Juuk
427. Chuer Majur Ater
428. Makuach Mut Makeny
429. Maliah Bol Biel
430. Gony Mawich Bichok
431. Mercellino Nhial Chol
432. Mirago Carlo John
433. Komach Monyluak Mijok
434. Natale David Motondo
435. Nguen Machar Nyol
436. Gach Ogilo Agor
437. Okwaramoi Kenyi Ladu
438. Hussien Onesimo
439. Okelo Ogut Opikoli
440. Tuach Kueth Mathiang
441. Yai Garang Atem
442. Chol Atak Luak
443. Jock Koang Dei
444. Parmena Awell Aluong
445. Abucha Run Manawii
446. Juba Daniel Anania
447. Jany Khaway Lieplia
448. Jul O’Okono Oman
449. Simonsen Amule
450. Jeokonda James Agor
451. Kim Marek
452. Dual James Agor
453. Christmas Moses Jock
454. Alora Nadia Simon
455. JAtafiano Cuba Achaha
456. Ayom Makuei
457. John Chuol Bol
458. Derteo Burtus
459. Darwech Darwing
460. Jok Kulong
461. Kok Tot Chol Omout
462. Kongor Majak
463. Kun Tut Lam
464. Kuol Juuk Miakuach
465. Lado Joseph
466. Lam Gatluak
467. Clement Loro
468. Gier Tong Majiok
469. Athor Kiir Makuach
470. Nassar Jaafer
471. Nuoi Gatkuoth Wuor
472. Ojur Ojuot Dennis
473. Zakaria Abaraham
474. Aleer Mathok
475. Garang John Ngor
476. Moun Deng
477. Alor Kuol
478. Jock Daniel Malong
479. Wakow Mading Tut
480. Abdul Adiang Amer
481. Wol Lual Jor
482. Akijr Malek Deng
483. Akonda Riz Joseph
484. Ladu Joseph Alfred
485. Ariki Riak Madut
486. Bol Dock Chol
487. Deng Alore Aruo
488. Kiir Chol Akol
489. Lukadi Majok Lobura
490. Mading Deng Chol
491. Arok Alier Maker
492. Malow Mou Madut
493. Otto Simon Manaseeh
494. Garang Joseph Oukelo
495. Stephen G. Stewart
496. Wol Ring Malual
497. Yak Kuol Deng
498. Gatyoung Khan Jock
499. Hakim Juuk Mayol
500. Malik Malik Joy
501. Juba Youl Bill
502. Gut Judith Kamala
503. Amom John Wantok
504. James Wal Machar
505. Lual Donato Yanga
506. Wani wothab Othow
507. Kajijo Igga Guya
508. Ajak Kalisto Okun
509. Khan Kaway Nyuon
510. Ruach Kuoth Khor
511.Tut Kok Thuch
512. Yang Charles Wilson
513. Khat Miakuei Bol
514. Khor Youm Benjamin
515. Yien Kayaso Wani
516. Manytap Lam Kierkok
517. Duol Wan Gatluak
518. Ken Omodn Ocheng
519. Kenady Ayei
520. Kerubino Chol Guot
521. Kur Goldit Wangita
522. Both Khan Nyuon
523. Khor Woi Chamjock
524. Changath Chuol Kur
525. Gatdet Tut Malek
526. Kuer Ter Mayam
527. Kimberly Ladu Kenyi
528. Koch Wol Bol
529. Koang Both Chol
530. Koang Gatkuoth Wuol
531. Yien Mut Wur
532. Ezekiel Akol Kodi
533. Ram Luak Reath
534. Nyak Nhial Goljok
535. Komach Deng Dey
536. Jal Kon Ayoum
537. Khon Mar Lur
538. Kornelio Bol Madut
539. Ruach Thilchiot Bol
540. Komar Bol Biliu
541. Kuach Tut Diew
542. Tut Kuach Deng
543. Jacob Makuei Mat
544. Madut Agai Garang
545. Pouch Duel Nyuot
546. Tharjiath Guer Lual
547.Wal Gatluak Kueth
548. Kuir Thoncar Ajang
549. Ajang Jibol Kuc
550. Deng Mach Luak
551. Gach Salina Luise
552. Arikdit Mawien Wang
553. Deng Gach War
554. Arop Deng Abel
555. Kuoth Elijah Buol
556. Majok Diing Majok
557. Santo Malook
558. Kur Ajak Majok
559. Chopbany Kur
560. Juach Deng
561. Mayen Deng Bul
562. Malou Mar Lasu
563. Gatluak Ruach John
564. Laat Meet Marial
565. James Ladu Artema
566. SolomonLako Lino
567. Gony Puor Gach
568. Lam Jok Wai
569. Nhial Moses Mayiel
570. Tutlual Lam Dak
571. Thot Mach Deng
572. Yaak Lavinia Yor
573. Yak Deng Ngor
574. Datetin Oyai Akol
575. Gwanganalie john
576. Baguoot Bol Malek
577. Miyar Monykuoth
578. Lado Pangoth
579. Aliah Lero Odola
580. Ezekiel Kodi Simon
581. Lilian Nyeruk Arop
582. Ayen Akol Nur
583. Lul Duop Lul
584. Thowath Lang Nyok
585. Doyak Lobai Peter
586. Mayen Agok Wuol
588. Hitti Omar Nasser
589. Lee Wichluol Tut
590. Louis Panthow Oukelo
591. Madol Chol Aciek
592. Yaak Lual Deng
593. Marou Mut Dut
594. Iliha Omuor Ohuro
595. Gatkek Gatwch Luak
596. Pathot Diew Gach
597. Luke Tong Achor
598. Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak
599. Kuol Kuol Thonchar
600. Wal Banguot Jeng
601. Wal Jacob Tut
602. Mabach Machar Kuol
603. Abuol Anei Nhial
604. Mabior Yaak Denget
605. Bak Akec Dut
606. Deng Machar Agoot
607. Aleu Baak Ayen
608. Mach Simon Deng
609. Dagoor Mangok Dang
610. Machok Lual Deng
611. Arop Kuol Alor
612. Madhel Yor Mathok
613. Jangkou Machony Arok
614. Mading Duer Tut
615. Dufer Diar Philip
616. Venson Kuyang Mabior
617. Riak Gai Dud
618. Akot Autiak Magany
619. Pur Deng Lual
620. Amal Awan Barak
621. Arok Kuol Kunjok
622. Deng Lual Mar
623. Khon Jok Kon
624. Machar Goljok Gatbel
625. Marial Thabor Lul
626. Deng Juuk Mabior
627. Kunjok Rom Jal
628. Makario Amoja
629. Thondok Makuei Deng
630. Mading Chol Bol
631. Luak Chuol Both
632. Ruach Maliet Chol
633. Akuei Mayom
634. Malith Agar
635. Jok Nyuon Both
636. Alpha Jok Malith
637. Ater Bol Gatluak
638. Garang Maluak Mathok
639. Manyok Ayen Kur
640. Malueeth Thuch Kuc
641. Maluk Kueth Wuor
642. Gai Chol Mamer
643. Jok Kok Pal
644. Mayen mayan Kur
645. Deng Mangol Lok
646. Benjemin Gatech Lual
647. Kuany Yat Deng
648. Kuang Duoth Juach
649. Mawien Manut Mawien
650. Nyakong Dak Chol
651. Malek Reath Gatluk
652. Abang Omot Okello
653. Timoth Chieng Lul
654. Madut Garang Kuol
655. Lual Majony Aardit
656. Mark Luak Puoch
657. Puoch Mark Banyker
658. Mark Dugak Riam
659. Marol W. Deng
660. Lam Puoch Lul
661. Malual Gatwech Tang
662. Yien Reath Lok
663. Deng Reath Chol
664. Gatwech Pal Tut
665. Nyapal Lual Kueth
666. Martin Tharek Yien
667. Marial Agoth Machok
668. Mary Nyahok Tut
A669. Mary Abeny Mayom
670. Baak Anei Kuol
671. Bill Deng Deng
672. John Malau Abel
673. Nyaluak Makuach
674. Nyabuony Biel
675. Toka Simon Malou
676. Mathew Dak Dojiok
677. Kon Ayen Malaak
678. Makhoor William
679. Noi Manyok Madut
680. John Matilda Rial
681. Yak Nhial Deng
682. Salva Matiop Kuol
683. Matuur Akech Matot
684. Konga Philip Kenyi
685. Deng kuol Gier
686. Maroundit Aro Thon
687. Akot Ayor Riak
688. Paluath Mayiik
689. Gatlat Wour Luak
690. John Mayen Deng
691. Mayen Bol Wen
692. Kiir Nyok Bol
693. Ajang Mayiik Deng
694. Mijok Mayok Kur
695. Kuol Mayol Bol
696. Ayual Bol Achuk
697. Liah Marial Ajang
698. Mayom Meigs Awek
699. Awuol Minyiel Ayak
700. Kuol Maker Madut
701. Bier Bol Miaker
702. Majock Pieng Dee
703. Kuol Ayual Ayual
704. Duom Anyieth Laul
705. l Awuol Wol Ayual
706. Kuol Ayak Kuol
707. Agok Grang Agok
708. Peter Gatiek Dhor
709. Kak Marial Ajock
710. Minyiel Myiual
711. Yool Rieng Monyluak
712. Rang Dau Ater
713. Kenyi Dogu Ladu
714. Minyroor Mijok Awool
715. Magjok Yeil Agauk
716. John Beil Grang
717. Zuwe Daw Deng Deng
718. Ring Lual Chuol
719. Sebet Akot Langual
720.Nyok Ayel Majak
721. Lang Miyom
722. Thon Deng Akech
723. Kuon Khan Ming
724. Modi Gatlary Konyi
725. Adut Jok Adu
726. James Dau Akeil
727.Jauna Minyang Dau Ater
728. Thuch Dak Deng
729. Baguoot Chamjok
730. . Kur Miyroo Abuol
731. Miakol Dau Malieth
732. Agot Minyjok Akol
733. Bol Agog Deieweek
734. Wani Gamaa Toumbie
735. Tabhan Ladu Sabuoni
736. Geng Gengdit Aliew
737. Dut Deng Dau
738. Geng Bol Agouy
739. John Baar Akoi
740. Long Lam Chamchar
741.Peter Matur kounyjang
742. Chol Matur Chol
743. Suroba Sabouni Abala
744. Thour Lang Magook
745. Nihal Lual Lual
746. Keil Deng Dak
747. Kamal Akang Malong
748. Mabor Biier Akeach
749. Elieth Madu Kolang
750. Yiel Kek Bandak
751. Khan Khor Biel
752. Ket Ter Kat
753. Nyakak Deng Makier
754. Aher Chan Myual
755. Deng Malek Agaar
756. Martha Nyakhor Makuach
757. kony Dak Kiier
758. Kot Deng Kot
759. Gatluak Choul Gatluak
760. Nyatet Machar Mathing
761. Mading Ater Ateam
762. Dak Duop Char
763. Kuek Ateam Deng
764. Joop Yong Kier
765. Nyadech Simon Dup
766. Wiyual Chuol Deng
767. Nyang Wang Wal
768. Gatluak Duol Dey
769. Bilpam Bilim Kuek
770. Pal Koat Kang
771. Thuok Lewjak Buom
772. Nyakume Guk Kawang
773. Nhial Gatluak Wur
774. Chan Chatim Wuol
775. Nyang Gatbel Bichiok
776. Ariik Duach Mach
777. Chatim Dang Bidit
778. Nyang Guk Gum
779. James Agor Bul
780. Machar Guandong
781. Taban Chay Kir
782. Manyuat Kuoth Kuel
783. Thon Leek Ring
784. Dhuor Wal Lual
785. Bol Mach Khor
786. Randhal Chol Agoth
787. Nyang Wal Gatkek
788. Ezekiel Kueth Gathoth
789. Cheing Lam Pur
790. Yong Nyok Wuol
791. Juma George Pundi
792. James Thok Lul
793. Obede Kenyi Gore
794. Ding Yar Pal
795. Remy John Simon
796. Osama Kur Deng
797. Robert Marial Diem
798. Peter Odol Oman
799. Othow Gatong Awang
800. Malok Akot Mathok
801. Palath Malow Chuut
802. Thonchar Malual
803. Michael Pandak
804. Anyoun Arop Ding
805. Kuol Gatjiak Gatkek
806. Yien Tung Diew
807. Gatbel Nyuon Dup
808. Paul Abore Omon
809. Jiokchuor Bol Kuet
810. Lam Koang Malual
811. Paulina Lako Malith
812. Miabek Minyiel
813. Abolish Kheny Mabior
814. Aciek Tiop Adhum
815. Dak Dorar Yiech
816. Kuol Mat Kueth
817. Kuoth Jock Kong
818. Lomodo Amule
819. Magai Bul Leek
820. Thuok Puok Gatdet
821. Peter Malek Reath
822. Marial Gatwech Yiech
823. Mawien Kuol Dut
824. Ngong Bul Malek
825. Nyibek Deng Palath
826. Panther Agok Malual
827. Reat Ruot Gatkuoth
828. Peter Gatkuoth Puot
829. Maluak Bol Mayen
830. Ruach Chan Kun
831. Kun Tolewut Michar
832. Lee Palek Khor
833. Keny Gor Pony
834. Pouch Ditgol Chol
835. Pualino Gatwech Yien
836. Pur Law Mar
837. Samer Obede Joseph
838. Banak Rambang Gideon
839. Mohamed Rasha Riam
840. Mayen Ayen Laak
841. Nhial Tuany Dol
842. Kawang Nyak Buony
843. Rebecca Nyandeng Achol
844. Paul Deng Mayen
845. Amour Mach
846. Panchol Atem Chagach
847. Kur Riak Lueth
848. Ayume Paul John
849. Lominyo Loamot
850. Chan Dak Bol
851. Ring Ayuel
852. Ring Nhial Arop
853. Hoth Gatluak Pal
854. Thor Kuon Jiech
855. Robert Buay Wal
856. Ruon Dobuol Wur
857. Mawien Wuol Kuany
858. Ronald Pal Thony
859. Tut pal Lew
860. Chuol Rambang Tharjiath
861. Ruey Kir Dak
862. Deng Puot Joak
863. Abomtoch Ater
864. Abdalla Mahend
865. Rebecca Akol Adeng
866. Jimma Maiwut Pal
867. Nyok Malith Panthow
868. Samuel Abudhok
869. Netelena John
870. Akuoch Bol Manut
871. Albino Bany Bol
872. Dut Akech Akech
873. Marial Tuolual
874. Monyaguek Abaraham
875. Toka Bul Santino
876. Anuer Haar
877. Atak Makuei
878. Athoi Diar Dut
879. Ayuel Longar Lueth
880. Dudi Kiir Kur
881. Kir Yar Both
882. Pul Puok Tiem
883. Deng Bol Geng
884. Achuil Mijok Mou
885. Gatriay Yat Kong
886. Yugu Joseph Kenyi
887. Gatbel Chuol Wur
888. Gong Duop Pur
889. Denget Puol Maluel
890. Chan Lew Put
891. Chung Gier Bul
892. Yien Chuol Bol
893. More Dut Malueth
894. Sarah Nyabuol Chol
895. Nyanchar Tut Char
896. Nyadak Toang
897. Surur Rut Duoth
898. Dador Aleu
899. Rumeous Ahemed
900. Sebit Tut Lual
901. Lako Ladu Kenyi
902. Shan Samuel Bol
903. Suber Shonda Chindi
904. Biong Deng Lual
905. Deng Bul Riak
906. Forester Gatdet Mach
907. Bakhiet Omod Opew
908. Akoch John Abel
909. Chol Makuei Machiek
910. Malith Athor Ring
911. Dang Koang Muthiang
912. Gany Gach Gatluak
913. Thuch Luk Gatkuoth
914. Manut Nyok Malith
915. Maker Lueth Kur
916. Monyaguek Garang
917. Arop Monytou Dut
918. Ngor Acigak Gak
919. Ngout Atem Yaak
920. Deng Nyok Dut
921. Omot Ojulu Ogut
922. Tor Makuac Deng
923. Paul Biel Torit
924. Wal Deng Bumetet
925. Solomon Gatluak Lul
926. Osman Machar Mieer
927. Bil Gatwech Tong
928. Wiw Malek Luak
929. Peter Char Kuany
930. Stephen Changkuoth Kuel
931. Hoth Kun Dup
932. Mayuen Yaak Atem
933. Pal Kuany Jal
934. Yak Badoch Padiet
935. Both Yang Chut
936. Mawmaw Maw
937. Bil Gatkuoth Both
938. Deng Ayen Ater
939. Stephen Duer Makuach
940. Taban Joseph Mai
941. Amedeo Malou
942. Chagai Chan Mabor
943. Makuei Kur Malith
944. James Dutkai Agor
945. Arop Kuol Juuk
946. Yong Huach Rum
947. Jal Thabor Gatluak
948. Machiek Aguer Kur
949. Lang Jaak Luak
950. Oromo Chol Malok
951. William Deng Kak
952. Thon Kuol Alier
953. Dengyom Thon Mayuen
954. Kuany Arok Majier
955. Paleek Malath Akol
956. Garang Maker Yiik
957. Thor Chan Gang
958. Gatluak Hon Chol
959. Tap Chan Malek
960. Kuol Majak Goch
961. Daniel Both Duoth
962. Kun YangKouth Tut
963. Machar Malek Mut
964. Lul Luak Mankato
965. Deng Bol Gatluak
966. Yat Deng Puor
967. Char Tharjiath Nyang
968. Gatyiel Kaway Reath
969. Wuol Kuany Duoth
970. Tut Khan Both
971. Tong Bul Leek
972. Buk Tut Kuom
973. Wuor Gatkuoth Rambang
974. Gatdet Lam Ruach
975. Kuach Dak Jaak
976. John Deng Yiech
977. Dobuol Lim Lul
978. Dhol Puok Wichduel
979. Gang Nhial Kuar
980. Pagan Akol OChan
981. Jal Guandong Duoth
982. Lual Arop Nyok
983. Manyar Mayom Kuc
984. Nhial Machath Nhial
985. Kon Awet Akot
986. Mabor Dok Jok
987. William Gai Rom
988. Aguer Kuol Mayom
989. Tuoy Ramchiel
990. Ramadalla Deng Kuol
991. Gatlat Kun Buor
992. Chok Malith Yaak
993. Ruot Lual Padang
994. Lual Gatkek Kuon
995. Maditkuek Aleir Nhial
996. Thok Chuol Mangong
997. Wuor Lam Pathot
998. Amier Aruma Kenyi
999. Tut Wuor Dojiok
1000. Clement Wani Logoro
1001. Yien Yak Deng
1002. Dak Madak Tet
1003. Amule Gabriel Wani
1004. Edwang Yei Ladu
1005. Athiang Chol Atem
1006. Joseph Mathon Clement
1007. Yien Reath Both
1008. Deng Buony Tang
1009. Gathoth Luak Gatkouth
1010. Tut Gatbel Dojiok
1011. Jacob Nhial Kuon
1012. Dak Lam Bum
1013. Thomas Kuol Deng
1014. Ezekiel Kong Chol
1015. Lual Riang Makuach


Article source:

Aid agencies need $ 1.05 billion to feed South Sudanese

August 9, 2013 (JUBA) – Aid agencies operating in South Sudan are in need of $1.05 billion to feed three million vulnerable people across the country.

According to a humanitarian funding update from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), as of 31 July, 58% of the required $1.05 billion had been realised.

However, OCHA says its partners in South Sudan still need $439 million to continue their work of saving lives and building the resilience of people across the country.

Jonglei state’s Pibor county is one of the areas where aid agencies say thousands of civilians displaced by conflict are in urgent need of assistance.

A recent humanitarian bulletin on South Sudan predicted a food crisis would hit the country between July and December.

Communities outside conflict-affected areas are also expected to face food insecurity, the UN agency said, although the levels will be lower compared to Pibor.


Article source:

New S. Sudan finance minister vows to raise 90m SSP in 100 days

August 9, 2013 (JUBA)- South Sudan’s new finance minister, Aggrey Tisa Sabuni, has pledged to raise non-oil revenues from 70 to 90 million South Sudanese pounds (SSP) within 100 days of taking office.

JPEG - 17.5 kbSouth Sudan’s new finance minister Aggrey Tisa Sabuni (C) with his counterparts during the swearing-in ceremony August 7, 2013 (Photo: L.Lomoyat)

Speaking to the media on Friday, he said the target could be achieved by forging ahead with economic reforms and improving relations with donors.

Sabuni, who appeared relaxed and happy, held several high-level positions at the ministry before being appointed presidential advisor on economic affairs.

The official, who served as the under-secretary at the same ministry prior to his appointment into an advisory position in 2012, said he would continue with the economic reforms which his predecessor had put in place.

“Drive on economic reforms will continue. Reductions in non-essential expenditures across the board will remain in place on items such as travel, vehicles and supplies. At the same time the drive to improve our payroll procedures and improve accountability will continue, by ensuring that only workers who are working get paid. These cuts, though painful, are crucial to ensure that we have sufficient funds to maintain security and provide basic service during this difficult period”, he said.

Sabuni also reaffirmed president Salva Kiir Mayardit’s commitment to ensure that tax revenue is utilised efficiently and transparently to improve the lives of ordinary South Sudanese people.

“The government under the leadership of our president Salva Kiir Mayardit, will continue to deepen tax reforms and modernisation in order to eliminate wastage and corruption. We will work together with the relevant institutions to ensure proper implementation of the public financial management act and also ensure that [the] procurement bill is passed to enhance transparency and accountability, Sabuni told reporters Friday.

He said that under his leadership, the ministry would work on simplifying the tax system, making it easier to comply with and more efficient in promoting domestic investment, foreign direct investment and employment creation.

“The objective of these economic reforms is basically to improve the system and to raise resources for funding government operations without excessive borrowing and contribute to equitable distribution of income”, he said.

He said the government would also continue to ensure that resources are allocated in accordance with priority targets, including infrastructure development, expansion of education and health facilities and creation of a conducive environment for private sector development and employment creation.

He urged all citizens to pay taxes as required in order for the country to maintain its economic independence and realise sufficient funds for public programmes that would help improve the welfare of all South Sudanese people.

“If proper procedures are followed as they are laid down as part of the general economic policies, I am certain we will realise vision objectives of transforming South Sudan into a globally competitive middle income economy with high a quality of life for all citizens”, he said.


Article source:

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